Today, cyber space is becoming more sensitive to malware, which aims to directly affect the information security of any company. In order to design and implement an information security management system, specialists in the field must acquire knowledge and skills regarding information security requirements and procedures. This knowledge will enable specialists to clearly identify solution needs and to develop IT budgets synchronized with real needs. As a result, they will be able to decide on investments in hardware and software for IT systems protection within companies.

These topics, as well as the importance of implementing ISO certified management systems by TUV Austria, were discussed during the event “TUV Austria – ISO certifications, courses and cyber security services” organized by Xontech System in partnership with TUV Austria Romania.

More than 70 specialists in the field, such as IT directors, commercial directors, development directors, internal auditors, information security specialists from companies, state institutions, private companies, banking institutions were present at the event. The high participation rate comes to confirm the topicality of the topics discussed and the appreciation in the field of the body accredited by TUV Austria Romania.

Andrian Cornei, Cyber Security Expert Xontech Systems: In a world where we evolve digitally, we are increasingly exposed to risks. And to cope we need continuous training. This can be obtained through training courses, certification of both individuals and companies on different management systems, such as quality management, information security, personal information, business continuity and risk analysis, etc. For this reason, we have launched a partnership with TUV Austria in the Republic of Moldova, which aims to raise awareness of the importance of implementing management systems. Through this event, we managed to bring TUV Austria closer to the Moldovan public.

During the event, several uncertainties encountered by the managers of the companies were identified. These included the procedures for:

  • Use of mobile phones;
  • Use of electronic mail;
  • Correct management of the backup;
  • Access control;
  • Classification of information;
  • Establishing security policies;
  • Management of the relationship with suppliers;

Responses to the inaccuracies mentioned by the participants can be found with the implementation of ISO certified management systems.

On this occasion, in partnership, these two companies will organize training courses in various fields based on market demands and needs.

Xontech Systems is an integrator of information and security systems. For 10 years, the specialists of the company have studied various cases that companies from the country and abroad encounter and identify the best solutions together with international experts. The Xontech System services are not limited to the provision of IT products, but include the monitoring of the entire implementation process.

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