The future is already here. We live advanced technological experiences that a few months ago were only in the development phase. The level of technological and digital preparedness of your company is the key to access a business world where everyone is on the accelerator. We at Xontech Systems live and breathe with everything that happens in the field of information technologies and develop a market for services in this field.

We come with the optimal solution for the IT needs of modern companies

For 10 years we have been studying various cases faced by companies in the country and abroad and we identify the best solutions along with international experts.


We have solved problems of cyber-attacks, digitization of companies, standardization of processes, and the passion with which we approach each case and fulfilling the responsibilities towards the clients gives us the confidence that we are good in everything we do.


You can always rely on the Xontech Systems team to raise your company performance level by receiving consultancy, certification and implementation of IT systems.


Xontech System services are not limited to providing IT products, but include tracking the entire process of implementation.

Our people are your resource for improving the internal systems of your company. The training services and the training courses we offer make the value of the services offered at the highest level, and the customers remain our business card.


Our mission is to help professionals and companies excel in what they do by providing the most complex services that inspire confidence, safety and continuous improvement.

In the field of consulting services, Xotech Systems is a trusted partner of international companies such as: TUV Austria and PECB.



Our objectives:

  • To improve the internal systems of as many companies in the country and abroad;
  • To achieve a 100% success rate of the implemented projects;
  • To help companies and professionals to grow and improve their businesses;
  • To become the number one choice in the integration of information systems, in the audit and certification of quality management;
  • To continue the accelerated pace of development of information technologies market by launching new solutions;
  • To keep being a reliable partner and technical support for companies that choose to work with us.