How to increase staff qualification here in Moldova, but based on international expertise?

Why Xontech Systems is the reliable partner in ensuring information security?

  • We are at the basis of the formation of the concept of cyber security on the market of the Republic of Moldova. We have promoted and raised awareness of the importance of information security.
  • We have developed trusted relationships with international market-leading manufacturers in information security solutions.
  • We have local expertise confirmed by hundreds of implemented projects.
  • We have international certifications, unique on the Moldovan market, for certain information security solutions.
  • We have developed trusting relationships with clients, large companies, especially in the banking segment, on the Moldovan market.
  • We involve ourselves with seriousness and dedication to each project, so that we ensure the entire security cycle, from diagnosis, creating the architecture of necessary solutions, their implementation and offering maintenance services.


Management Systems Certification

Management Systems Consulting

IT Security & GDPR consulting

Audit & Management of IT infrastructure

Penetration Testing Services

IT courses and trainings

Business & Marketing consulting

Sale and integration of IT systems

Why is working with Xontech a success?

We will secure your business at all levels with the most advanced cybersecurity systems.

Cybersecurity & Protection| Data Protection & Classification| NGFW & AWAF| SIEM & Data Security & Correlation| Vulnerability Management| Back-up, archiving, restore, disaster recovery| MFA, PAM, IAM; MDM, UEM| Point-to-Point Encryption| Application Delivery Management| IT Management, Network Security Policy, Monitoring& Inventory.

Consultancy and full support. Successful implementation guaranteed.

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