At a time when the number of cyber-attacks has reached a new record, and the trend indicates a continuous increase in their number, how protected is your company? How much do you care about the database you have built and the work systems you use?

Today, postponing a simple decision to secure your company’s infrastructure can cost you all your years of work. Hackers don’t waste time; they approach new attack strategies and tools. From viral emails to espionage and data encryption, they can compromise your entire work system, and recovery can simply bankrupt your business.

If you still believe that this will not happen to your organization, find out that in the Republic of Moldova, only in 2019, every third company has suffered a cyber-attack.

This is the most consistent business security solution. It is designed from the ground up to address challenging business security needs without significant maintenance or administration.

Protects all your devices from all threats, such as ransomware and data encryption. Includes security for Windows and Mac computers, iOS and Android smartphones, and a variety of server platforms.

What you will learn at the webinar:

1.Presentation of the product and its functionality:

  • F-Secure and the technology behind it;
  • F-Secure portfolio;
  • Presentation of F-Secure PSB and F-Secure PSB Premium products;
  • Promotion of F-Secure & Support Xontech Systems;

2.  Technical presentation of the F-Secure PSB product:

  • Introducing the F-Secure PSB console;
  • Installing the F-Secure PSB Agent (Windows Platform);
  • Software update
  • Creating Security Policies & Rules
  • Practical exercise/Scenario
  • Generating reports

3. Questions and answers.

The presentation will be held in Romanian.

The webinar is free. Participation requires prior registration.

Registration here