Forcepoint Web Security

Forcepoint’s Cloud
& On-Premise Web Security

Stop advanced threats hidden in dynamic web content. Forcepoint Web Security proactively secure the web with advanced, real-time threat defenses—full content inspection and in-line security scanning help mitigate risk and protect against malware.

The Power Behind Forcepoint Solutions

Forcepoint Web Security provides robust protection through content aware defenses and cloud app discovery and monitoring, reducing risks to sensitive data for both on premise and mobile users.

Forcepoint ACE

ACE is a time-tested, deep-inspection engine that usesheuristics, reputations, and malware signatures to providethreat avoidance capabilities to the Forcepoint product suite.ACE delivers defense-in-depth through layered sets ofthreat detection analytics, which comprise the eight defenseassessment areas of ACE. ACE offers optimum protection by invoking the most effective defense assessment area andanalytic at the right time.

For example, our set of Anti-malware analytics is powered by:

  • Forcepoint’s own hash database of malicious files foridentifying known malware
  • Heuristic rules to detect previously unknown malware
  • A third-party anti-virus vendor for signature-basedmalware protection

Learn the benefits of Web Security Solution

Advanced threat protection powered by ACE

Keep users safe from malicious threats, including zero-day threats. Protect against zero-day threats with real-time threat intelligence and remote browser isolation, and provide deep content inspection for encrypted and unencrypted traffic to detect evolving threats across the entire kill chain. Read More >

Prevent theft of regulated data and intellectual property

Forcepoint’s Web DLP module provides the industry’s leading DLP engine (Forcepoint Enterprise DLP) to protect against data exfiltration over the web in real-time. Read More >

Industry's strongest cloud infrastructure

Private peering partnerships with the most Tier 1 networks for faster connectivity and over 160 PoPs across 145 countries for localized content. Read More >

Move to the cloud at your own pace

Choose when, where and how you deploy. Choose where and how you connect to the cloud. Read More >

Safe access for every user, anywhere

Ensure security policies are consistently enforced for all users at all times – whether traveling, at home, or on the corporate network. Read More >

Forcepoint’s SWG wins the TrustRadius 2021 Top Rated category in both Cloud Computing Security and Secure Web Gateway.

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Forcepoint Web Security Features Comparison

Forrester study demonstrates positive ROI with Forcepoint Web and Email Security Cloud solutions

The Total Economic Impact™ Of Forcepoint Web Security and Email Security, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Forcepoint, shows how a prominent manufacturing company experienced a ROI increase with Forcepoint after switching from another cloud vendor.

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