Forcepoint Email Security

Forcepoint’s Cloud
& On-Premise Email Security

Forcepoint Email Security is a cloud or on-premises appliance-based system that prevents malicious email threats from entering an organization’s network and protects sensitive data from unauthorized email transmission.

With Forcepoint Email Security you can

Identify threats

Use deep content inspection to mitigate advanced malware and ransomware threat.

Block data theft

Use context-aware DLP to detect data exfiltration using optical character recognition (OCR) in attached images.

Enable powerful encryption

Encrypt sensitive email conversations and enhance mobile security with granular controls.

Protect data across all channels

Use context-aware DLP to detect data exfiltration using optical character recognition (OCR) in attached images.

Educate Users

Automatically educate employees about phishing attempts and help them understand email best practices.

Pinpoint high-risk behavior

Visualize risk across multiple events to more rapidly identify potential external or internal threats.


Ready to stop email from being an attack vector for your enterprise?

Learn the benefits of forcepoint email security solution​

  1. Secure sensitive data against external attacks:  
    – Stop data infiltration and exfiltration with advanced email protection capabilities like Optical Character Recogition (OCR), encrypted file detection, and drip data loss prevention.

  3. Stop advanced threats:  
    – Defend against malicious code in email and attachments and reveal evasive zero-day threats through real-time, deep content inspection.

  5. Reduce complexity in supporting a remote workforce:  
    – Control access to sensitive email attachments with granular controls for different device types that are easy to administer from our cloud portal;

  7. Identify high-risk user behavior and educate your team:  
    – Gain rich context about potential threats, including Indicators of Behavior (IoB), that help identify infected devices and risky user behavior. Give users automatic feedback when they perform inappropriate actions. 

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Forcepoint Email Security

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