IT Security & GDPR consulting

Periodic verification of information systems by specialists is just as important as consulting the health status at the doctor

Accenture Security helps organizations prepare, protect, detect, respond and recover along all points of the security lifecycle.


Cybersecurity challenges are different for every business in every industry. Leveraging our global resources and advanced technologies, we create integrated, turnkey solutions tailored to your needs across your entire value chain.


Whether we’re defending against known cyberattacks, detecting and responding to the unknown, or running an entire security operations center, we will help you build cyber resilience to grow with confidence.


Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity services to protect your business, from end to end.


Our cyber security consultants will stop cyber criminals from causing expensive damage to your hard-earned business.

Leverage Power Consulting’s cyber security services to:

  • Data-SecuritySeal network gaps to stop hackers from breaking into your business.
  • Cyber-Security – Maintain high productivity levels by shielding PCs from viruses.
  • Money – Avoid costly regulatory fines by complying with data security laws.
  • Productive – Train staff to spot hackers, not let them wreak havoc in your business.
  • Cloud – Prevent embarrassing & costly lawsuits by keeping client data safe.
  • Hardware – Stress test your IT system to ensure your business doesn’t fall to a real attack.

What does cybersecurity consulting include:

Comprehensive vendor/third party security assessment , provides insight on how your vendors are securing your data from cyber threats. Supplier agreements should be established and documented to ensure there is no misunderstanding regarding both parties’ obligations to fulfill relevant security requirements.

Aligning your GRC activities to business performance drivers, using frameworks such as NIST, PCI/DSS, ISO, GDPR, NYDFS, and others with our IT security consulting program.

Xontech Systems Governance, Risk and Compliance Consulting Services

  • We provide you with wide ranging expertise needed for incident response, compliance and the latest threat intelligence to address information security flaws and execute actionable mitigation strategies.
  • Data Governance, helping you handle increasingly large volumes of data and the related regulations, controls and disposition plans.

Xontech Systems’s governance, risk and compliance (GRC) services help clients tackle the broad issues of corporate governance, enterprise risk management, and effective corporate compliance, while offering specialized assistance in key areas such as financial reporting, tax, information technology, human capital, anti-fraud and dispute consulting, and financial advisory services. We can help organizations identify, remediate, monitor, exploit and manage enterprise risks in addition to coordinating the utilization of people, process and technology to improve GRC effectiveness and help manage costs.

Reveal your employees’ strengths and weaknesses, and empower them against cyber-criminals. Our Data Security Awareness Training Programs contains the most relevant grouping of information security training topics. Our Employee Education & Awareness program includes the best security methods, reveal your organization employees strength and weakness, before the hacker do. We provide a tailored Employee Security Education & Awareness Training program to improvement your organization security program and educate your users on current cyber security threats.

Effective security starts with a clear understanding of your vulnerabilities. We can help you gauge your strengths and weaknesses in a wide variety of scenarios, from facility security to executive protection. Not only do we bring decades of experience to our Vulnerability Assessment and  Penetration Testing, our leading experts can also help you anticipate potential sources of new threats.

We perform Vulnerability Assessments, Application Security Assessment, Phishing Assessment & Penetration Testing. We can find the weak spots in your critical assets and take corrective action before attackers exploit them to sabotage your business or steal your confidential data

Our network engineers are certified computer network security consultants, with years of experience providing IT security risk assessment services, cybersecurity risk management, securing applications, cloud environment, LAN, WLAN/WIFI and WAN network security consulting services.

Computer network security is every important, as cyber attacks have become more sophisticated and continue to evolve, static technologies can’t keep up. Soiled solutions fragment your defenses. It takes intelligence and precision to stop cyber attacks and unknown threats. Computer security and information security is high on most organization list.

Cyber Security Operations Consulting  is ushering in a new era of security operations and response with the industry’s first overall security program. This innovative, end-to-end  computer network security operations and response architecture leverages advanced technology and dark web data detection technology to provide rapid and accurate security insights and response across endpoint, network, cloud and users.

Whether or not your organization is prepared, security breaches have become common occurrences, for this you will need Data Breach Incident Management team. Sometimes the bad guys win, and security measures occasionally fail to prevent an incident. Cyber Security Operations has experts in incident response, data breach Incident Management, forensics and electronic discovery who can support or supplement your team when suspected unauthorized, illegal or malicious activities are detected or you are ready to develop a comprehensive plan so you are prepared in the event of a breach.

To merely respond is costly. You lose data, Your valuable time, Your lose business, and in most cases your organization loses clients. Having the right team to develop your security program is essential, you can count on our experience security consulting team to implement a full security program including: implement a security framework, risk management, security operation, incident response and governance service.

The security program include: Cyber Security Risk Management, Third-Party Risk Management, Vulnerability Management, Penetration Testing, Employee Security Training Awareness, Data Privacy Program, Security Program Development, Business Continuity Plan, Incident Response and Forensics Services.

We are focused on securing all critical applications that drive your business by implementing our managed security services and risk management program. Xontech Systems understand that web applications are necessary and it is the bloodline that runs your business. However, because they are Internet-facing, web applications increase the public attack surface. This can create the gateway cybercriminals need to access your data. We help organization conforming to the latest security standards, including CWE, CERT, OWASP, DISA STIG, MISRA and other. Xontech Systems can also validated the source code.

Our experienced security consultants perform a comprehensive security audit, cybersecurity assessment, or network assessment to uncover where weaknesses and security gaps exist throughout your on premise and cloud infrastructure. We offer data security consulting in every aspect of cyber security, from strategic program design, testing, to technical engineering. Our team of cyber security consultants are certified hackers.

More than 20% of businesses never recovered from a Disaster, because they were never prepared. and had no security program was in place. With every passing year, cybersecurity becomes more of a concern for business continuity planning initiative. Our typical approach to Business Continuity Planning and BCM Plan Development is to work closely with the client organization’s staff to develop a comprehensive plan based on a full Business Impact Assessment (BIA).

Rapid and thorough incident response is essential to minimizing the effects of an attack. Secure your data and assets as quickly as possible with our Managed Detect and Response (MDR) Services.

Our MDR threat hunting team provides advanced threat intelligence insights, threat hunting, security monitoring, and incident analysis services.

24×7 Security Operations Center (SOC) – managed security operations center gives you peace of mind with remote monitoring by identifying cyber risk, before they cost damage to your business. Protect your business with our experience cybersecurity consulting team.

What is the protection of personal data?

Are you aware of the amount of personal data your business processes? Name, surname, IDNO, address, date of birth, etc. of customers definitely form your database. How well are you aware of the risks of processing this data?

Adaptation and compliance of all internal company programs and processes to the Law on the protection of personal data is compulsory.

EU legislation was amended in May 2016, and Regulation 2016/679 on the protection of individuals, regarding the processing of personal data and the free movement of such data, is directly applicable in all EU countries starting with May 25, 2018.

The regulation has a significant impact in all sectors of activity. The Xontech team helps you identify problems and implement policy changes in your business.


Our consulting services related to the implementation of the GDPR involve:

  • Identification of problems within your company related to the impact of the GDPR provisions;
  • Evaluation of the situation and preparation of the action plan to solve the problems;
  • Assistance in the implementation of solutions.