Audit & Management of IT infrastructure

Why do you need an IT security audit?

IT auditing is the process of evaluating your company’s hardware and software infrastructure.


Both globally and in Moldova in particular, almost every company faces cyber attacks or fraud as a result of which their data is stolen daily. As a result, they ask themselves what they are doing wrong and why they are not developing, while competitors with less effort are doing better?


Another serious situation is when companies end up being blackmailed with large sums of money by hackers who have blocked their systems, stolen their confidential data and threatened to publish them on the Internet.

Any implementation of IT solutions requires a prior diagnosis

The rigorous verification of the two components identifies the weaknesses of the computer system that may favor potential cyber threats. In this way, the security level of the company is verified, in order to subsequently develop a plan that is as effective as possible to remove existing vulnerabilities and strengthen IT security.


The steps we take in carrying out an IT AUDIT?

  1. interviews with the technical department of the company;
  2. observing the way employees work;
  3. analysis of hardware / software configurations of equipment;
  4. create the concept and design of an IT&C security policy;
  5. detect intrusions (IDS) and assess vulnerabilities (Pen testing);
  6. prepare and present a full report on existing IT infrastructure and security.
  7. recommend the most appropriate network security solutions for implementation;


  • Identifying IT system deficiencies;
  • Carrying out an analysis of the existing licenses in the company;
  • IT risk assessment at company level;
  • Identifying some of the best IT investment practices so that the company benefits from the full potential of the IT system;
  • Development of a strategic plan for the development of the IT infrastructure;
  • Establishing the ideal method to protect the existing information in the company;
  • Organizing the management and monitoring of the IT department;
  • Development of a network upgrade and troubleshooting plan;
  • Developing a strategy for legalizing software licenses.

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