XONTECH Systems has launched a new training course for UTM students, FCIM Faculty – https://fcim.utm.md/

Xontech Systems is the promoter of the development of the field of information security in the country, which is why the company invests in the training of specialists even during their faculty period.

Through this course, Xontech specialists offered students from the Faculty of “Information Security” and other faculties, theoretical and practical exercises regarding the security of information and the security levels required to be respected in the protection of the IT infrastructure.

The information and practical exercises related to:

  • virtualization platforms, their types;
  • endpoint security systems;
  • protection scenarios depending on the infrastructure;
  • the prevention of data leaks;
  • educating the manipulation with information within an infrastructure;
  • multi-step infrastructure authentication, depending on the criticality of the company’s applications, including the possibility of data loss without a back-up and archiving solution.

By involving the private environment in the development of the academic environment, we aim to offer a new experience to the students of the last years of study, which will allow them in the future to get a easier job in the field and to be able to choose the path further. as an application developer, security or infrastructure engineer, or even solution architect.