Cyber-attacks are one of the biggest threats to humanity! Of this opinion are several specialists in the field, who met 2 days on November 19-20 in Chisinau, to participate in the Cyber ​​Security Regional Forum 2019, during the VII edition “Moldova Cyber ​​Week “. Xontech Systems was the main and strategic partner of this event and together with the organizers invited international experts who shared experiences and practices in order to increase information security and counteract incidents.

Andrian Cornei, Xontech Systems Information Security Expert – The regional cyber security forum brought together a lot of experts and hundreds of people who have learned and shared their practices on the latest trends in this area. The technological revolution brings with it the revolution of cyber threats. We are exposed daily to an increasing number of attacks. Co-operation and mutual education in this area will succeed in strengthening our national and personal security shield.

Maxim Costasco, Security Technical Specialist Xontech Systems – Moldova Cyber ​​Week brings together a room full of people who daily protect their organizations, companies against cyber-attacks. I would like this event to happen more often than once a year.

Mihai Petrache, Software Systems Engineer Xontech Systems – This year, the Moldova Cyber ​​Week Forum event had more character and a much stronger impact than previous years. Both the organizers and the speakers had a seamless performance, at the highest level. Events of this kind are useful and necessary to all specialists in the field of information technologies and beyond.

Radu Filipesco, Software Systems Engineer Xontech Systems – Cyber ​​Week is probably the most important event in the field of information security that takes place at national and regional level. How IT giants like Oracle, Cisco, Huawei, etc. addresses and describes current cyber issues, allows to expand the horizons of knowledge in the field and to ensure a more advanced level of security of personal and corporate data.

The activities from the first day of the event brought to the fore the role of the human factor and the importance of strengthening the cooperation at regional level, in order to align the capabilities and expertise regarding incident management, counteract potential threats and remedy them.

On the second day of the event, the Xontech Systems team together with the invited partners organized and participated in several dedicated practical exercises. During their time, participants improved their cyber-incident response capabilities by simulating cyber-attack scenarios, where they found the right solutions to respond to crisis situations. Xontech Systems invited international specialists who guided the workshops. Among the companies invited by Xontech Systems were Cisco, Bitdifender, Huawei, Microsoft, Oracle, TUVAustria.

In the midst of a crisis, every keystroke counts when you intervene to prevent security incidents. Cisco Systems experts shared with workshop participants several techniques for testing and developing cyber threat response skills. They executed 5 potential scenarios, and as a result they identified the right solutions for such situations.

BitDefender representatives along with Xontech technicians presented several antivirus solutions for better security. One of them is GravityZone Business Security – a solution that offers protection against all types of malware, as well as threats such as phishing, ransomware, exploits and zero-day attacks. The representatives of the company presented other security solutions for companies or individuals.

The event brought together over 300 participants in the cyber security field in the capital. The guests of the forum were local and foreign officials (Switzerland, USA, Estonia, Romania, etc.), but also experts from world-renowned IT companies, such as “Microsoft”, “Cisco”, “Oracle”, “Kaspersky”, “BitDefender”, “Huawei” and others.