Securing your company’s data is certainly one of the most important things. And when we talk about safety, we refer first of all to concrete solutions, meant to protect even in crisis conditions. A successful business does not work without the implementation of a comprehensive management system.

Adopting a business security management solution in these conditions is vital. This will not only protect your organization from a potential cyber attack, but will also manage the IT security risks in your business network environment.

F-Secure Radar is the ideal vulnerability management and security scanning solution for your business, providing the tools you need to control and manage incidents that can lead your business to gloomy scenarios.

How does F-Secure Radar work?

The F-Secure Radar solution includes 5 steps to ensure the activity of your business network:

  • Discovery Radar – detects and locates all systems in your network;
  • Radar solution scan engines target all identified systems in order to detect vulnerabilities;
  • Management – scan results can be viewed and managed by prioritizing and assigning remedial tasks;
  • Reporting – customized and detailed reports can be generated with instructions for fixing the vulnerabilities found;
  • Verification – this stage involves manual or routine re-scanning systems to ensure the correct implementation of the solutions.

We invite you to the Webinar on Thursday, July 16 to find out more useful information about network vulnerability management and how the F-Secure Radar solution can help you control and manage IT security risks in the business network environment.

What will you find out at the Webinar?

  1. What are the benefits of the F-Secure Radar product;
  2. How to manage all vulnerabilities in the company’s infrastructure from a single console;
  3. How the F-Secure Radar solution helps you comply with General Data Protection Regulation 679/2016 (GDPR), Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard and other international security standards;
  4. Scenarios and examples of implementation of the F-Secure Radar solution.

F-Secure Radar is the newest F-Secure product, being nominated by Gartner as “Vendor of vulnerability management technology and solutions”.

The presentation will be held in Romanian.

The webinar is free. Participation requires prior registration.

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