F-Secure Protection Service for Business Premium offers centralized management for the entire fixed and mobile IT network, with policy management from any location, using your smartphone, tablet, computer, server or even e-mail.

Moreover, when purchasing the solution for a period of 1 year, you receive 6 months of free license or 12 months free in case of purchase for 2 years

With the package Premium, you will receive free features: Sandboxing, Patch Management and Application Control. Only between July 1 and August 15, XONTECH offers you the Premium solution at Standard price with 12 months of local support included, plus installation, configuration and user training.

F-Secure Protection Service for Business fights, in real time, against viruses (ransomware – crypto), spyware threats, rootkits, intrusion attempts, spam and other unwanted messages. As a PSB customer, you will always have the latest and greatest protection, as the solution provides automatic updates of new versions and hotfixes.

F-secure Protection Service for Business is:

  • Ideal solution for any company (large, small or medium);
  • Innovative and easy to use solution;
  • Complete protection with a minimum of effort and allocated resources;
  • Protection for workstations, mobile devices, file servers, Windows and Sharepoint, Exchange e-mail;
  • Minimum consumption of computer resources.

The solution includes:

  • Centralized installation;
  • Unique management console with cloud installation;
  • Advanced Anti-Malware (Multi-engine anti-malware);
  • Patch Management;
  • Windows Firewall (monitors endpoint and network traffic);
  • Web Control content;
  • Browsing Protection (blocks malicious URLs);
  • Connection control (secure online payments);
  • Web Traffic Protection;
  • Cloud Scanning;
  • Signatures scanning;
  • Heuristic, behavioral and reputation analysis – zero day and heuristic attacks;


  • Sandbox – for detailed analysis by detonating malicious files or files that cannot be protected based on signature or behavior;
  • Application control;
  • Management API (SIEM/RMM integration & support);
  • Detection of network anomalies;
  • Management of mobile devices (Androind & iOS);
  • VPN included in the Mobile Security module
  • Combines Windows and Microsoft Exchange protection against malware threats;
  • Quarantine with centralized management;
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange Windows servers.
  • Device Control;

F-Secure is the security product No. 1 in the last 8 years according to AV TEST.