The coronavirus epidemic endangers not only the lives of people but also the global economy. In this context, educational institutions and more and more companies have already experienced sales losses, or, in the worst case – interruption of activity for an indefinite period. In order to meet the need for further activity, Xontech Systems offers the Business Avaya Spaces version absolutely free to all educational institutions and non-profit organizations, until August 31st.

This free Avaya Spaces offer give users audio and video conferences for up to 200 participants, permanent chat rooms and file sharing, accessible from a browser or mobile application.

Avaya, an international information technology company, Xontech Systems partner, has closely monitored the coronavirus outbreak affecting so many people around the world. The main focus is and should be on limiting the spread of the disease, however the impact on the educational environment, businesses and organizations is also significant. XONTECH Systems in partnership with Avaya contributes to the development of the educational and business environment, with innovative communication and collaboration technologies, offering the support to maintain the activity in times of crisis.

In order to reduce the negative impact on the studies and the activity of the companies, it is necessary to be a click away from your students, colleagues and partners.

In this context, Xontech Systems joins solidarity actions in the fight against the epidemic and offers the version of Business Avaya Spaces absolutely free to all educational institutions and non-profit organizations.

If you think that the features of the solution could help your institution, your organization, you can find out more about the solution here, and to take advantage of it, please register here.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get started with the free Avaya Spaces platform or share this information with anyone you think might benefit from it. Together we can help make a difference in the lives of those affected by the coronavirus outbreak.