Xontech Academy continues to organize courses for TUM students. On May 14, the students received training and practical demonstrations from the Xontech team on the subject of multi-step user authentication. The solution presented to the students during the course was Multi-factor authentication from the manufacturer One Span.

Students are the future specialists in information technologies, so we consider it appropriate to involve the business environment in the study process.

The license presented offers the following basic benefits and features:

  • OneSpan Server Solutions gives you all the tools you need to fully manage your authentication cycle in one integrated system;
  • Secure access is provided by “Authentication Server” by validating access requests to any corporate resource or application;
  • Protecting companies and users against account fraud and other types of fraud;
  • “Mobile Authenticator” offers the possibility of multi-factor access, transforming users’ mobile devices into an authentication factor by generating a code, using Fingerprint or Face ID;
  • Compliance with international standards: FFIEC, PCI DSS, HIPAA, NIST;
  • Integration with Active Directory, ODBC database support;
  • For Windows users, the “Logon” process is more secure if we use multi-factor authentication “Digipass Authentication”;
  • Optionally, “Digipass Go7” hardware devices can be used for one-button authentication, providing increased security for organizations that opt ​​for authentication hardware devices.

By involving the private sector in the development of the academic environment, we aim to offer a new experience to students in their final years of study, which will allow them in the future to get a job easier in the field and be able to choose the path forward as an application developer, security or infrastructure engineer, or even a solution architect.